May was for Planning

I spent most of my month sending emails, conference calls, webinars, adding important dates to my calendar, completing papers, and mapping out my finances before the new school year approaches. I attended a beautiful wedding and partied memorial day weekend away with my 3 month old niece.
Within this time, I’m hoping that all of the above would distract me from the big leap I took at the end of April, but not so much. Why? Because love just doesn’t disappear, moments need time to become memories, and the heart wants what it wants even when it needs to heal. On the long bumpy journey that I spent with the man I once thought I would marry, I’ve learned that you create your own happiness, love is a choice, we failed at learning how to fight well because I wish we knew how to mutually deal with conflict amongst each other, emotions are dangerous, feelings are temporary, visons are powerful, hope will always be at my core, acceptance is key, growth is necessary, honesty is vital, forgiveness is a process, and peace is free.

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So Let’s Talk

I had the best Saturday in a few weeks. We all need a little love sometimes and the energy of the day was well received. The day was full of laughter, old stories, and letting out the deep thoughts. From family, life, love, and all the in-betweens. Genuine friendships are good for that.
Originally, the plan was to stop by the jeweler, pick up some dinner, then buy some flowers, and head back home.

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Becoming a Minimalist

This is a mix of my apartment tour and my path to minimalism story.

If you’re a reader, you’ll know that over the last two years, I had moved from the place that I grew up aka my parents house to my own place I now call home. First, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment that I shared with my cousin. Very large bedroom, big closet, with lots of windows, but living with that man was close to HELL. I never cohabitated except for the time my ex-boyfriend allowed me to crash with him for a couple of days out the week for a few months (that was long) but even that was different although I love me some him. In these experiences, I knew I needed my own space. With an abrupt move out of my cousin’s house to being temporarily back at home, shit got real.


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So, Let’s talk

I don’t have cable but I do own an Apple TV. If I care to watch anything, it’s usually YouTube. I don’t share much about my YouTube obsession but I’ll let you in on what I watch; family vlogs, pregnancy updates (no, not pregnant just always curious), hair/make-up (hair more than make-up), and lately I’m into UK vloggers.

What I did notice about UK vloggers is that their food options seem much healthier. Yes, Western Culture loves to supersize shit, but we don’t have to always eat supersized. I had this conversation with someone some weeks ago about serving sizes and it’s disgusting. Are the any size $1 soft drink at McDonald’s really worth it?  Nah. The sweet tea is sometimes heavenly on the warmest of days but you can opt for a better option at home. It does take time and patience to start meal prepping and stuff but it can be done.
I can list right now all the fatty food that I eat in rotation or when I force myself to treat myself to one of these items that my body doesn’t need, I say this to say, I’m not the healthiest but once a day we can choose to eat a little better.

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Hello May

Hello May! 
For personal reasons, I’m ready for you to end.  
I ended April by taking a random day trip to Maryland for business/family visit. I seen my niece for the first time and lets just say that we’re best FRIENDS! Leaving New York City is teaching me everyday that living here is not forever but will always be home. I’ve been super planning since my return. Let’s just say I’m aiming for Summer 2018 to move my life, it’s time.
Now that school is “almost over”, I am able to do some well needed research on self care and wellness. I’ve read somewhere that it is normal to need human touch and I sure did get a Swedish massage this morning because it’s the closest thing I’ll get to human touch for awhile. Lordt knows I needth that massage!
I deactivated my personal social media accounts to give myself a well deserved break. I need to focus and I hate to be distracted. I’ll admit, the lying on social media sometimes gets me, at times I think that I missing out or messing up. Taking this break is teaching me again to TRUST GOD’s TIMING.
Seeking another domestic location to see. If I back track, ATL, NOLA, TEXAS, and The BAY are on the list. Maybe ATL in June and The Bay in July, Texas in August, and NOLA in September, it’s an idea, we’ll see.

New post coming soon, any plans for May?

I don’t own J’s

If you can figure out where I was in the photo above, shout out to you, but I’m not telling. Yes, one of my secret trips that I refuse to talk much about because it’s either a good one or a bad one. This last trip was good until _______________, happy I went though. The weather was great, the food was decent, the company is always amazing, but reality finds it way in every time.
The first week of my return, I was in my feelings. I didn’t make my bed, I had a pile of trash in my kitchen, I didn’t open the blinds, and nearly killed one of my plants that almost dried up. Once I realized this, I got up and got my shit together. Feel what you need to feel but NEVER stay “there” for long.
In this lesson, I learned another reason why I love plants. There’s something about keeping my plants alive that reminds that in life, everythingneeds watering and time to grow.
I’m gearing up for the summer, I’ll have so much free time that it’s scary. I’ll be reading a lot of books and hopefully traveling. I may attend a wedding in California this July or randomly go to another city/state on my list (ATL, Texas, New Orleans, Cali) of options.
I’m working on a minimalism post. I found myself becoming very minimal since living in my current apartment and I’m excited to share my transition in a few weeks to come.

One more random day trip to close out April in a few days, here comes MAY, it will be a good one!