All at ONCE

021090B0-5823-4A0B-8143-B0DFA3A7380B_1_201_aI don’t remember the name of the hotel in DC but back in June of 2019, I was having breakfast (some bad oatmeal) on the patio, listening to a podcast. She talked about her desire to move to the city she’s in now after moving back in with her parent’s post-divorce. What I remember distinctly about the podcast was that her father was telling her that she better be ready for it when it comes, because it will all come at once. So, BOOM! Here I am, at 10:05 PM, dying to sleep but my mind in running, rolling, jumping, jogging, and swimming through thoughts of everything that is happening now, all at ONCE. Continue reading “All at ONCE”


qLdORmwZSV27OJ%snTrZ9QI’ve been writing this for over a week now. In my attempt, I decided that I needed to be in normalcy to do so. I woke up around 7:30 this morning, moved all the clothes off my couch to its respectful places, started the kettle, put jackets that hung on my bar stools in the coat closet, and snapped a few photos as a reminder that my house is usually in order. Continue reading “Hysteria”