Currently: 4:44, Forgiveness, and The 4th


I could of had a five-day weekend but didn’t think to take off Sunday and Monday of this week but nonetheless, I really enjoyed the days that I had off.

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Currently: The WeekEnd

Baltimore, Maryland
Gassed up my sister’s car, picked up her best friend and the other love of my life (God son), jumped on the 95 and headed to Maryland for the weekend. Maryland make’s me happy. There’s a serenity that’s in Maryland that I can not find in New York, maybe because I hear the train all day and night, so when in Maryland I enjoy the chirping of the birds.

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May was for Planning

I spent most of my month sending emails, conference calls, webinars, adding important dates to my calendar, completing papers, and mapping out my finances before the new school year approaches. I attended a beautiful wedding and partied memorial day weekend away with my 3 month old niece.
Within this time, I’m hoping that all of the above would distract me from the big leap I took at the end of April, but not so much. Why? Because love just doesn’t disappear, moments need time to become memories, and the heart wants what it wants even when it needs to heal. On the long bumpy journey that I spent with the man I once thought I would marry, I’ve learned that you create your own happiness, love is a choice, we failed at learning how to fight well because I wish we knew how to mutually deal with conflict amongst each other, emotions are dangerous, feelings are temporary, visons are powerful, hope will always be at my core, acceptance is key, growth is necessary, honesty is vital, forgiveness is a process, and peace is free.

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Today is a snow day. But as per the photo above, the 18 inches the meteorologist reported isn’t outside my window and New York City is shut down.
Yes, living right off the train is different but I’m use to it.
I’m currently binge watching “How to Get Away with Murder” because my co-workers want to talk about it. It’s the perfect time since Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) decided to shut down my train line since 4:00 this morning.
I’m the big 2 8 in less than a month. I’m taking off the weekend after my birthday so what city to next? ATL and Texas are my next options because I’ll be in the Bay in July. I want to go to Salt Lake City just for the scenery, I know very random. Any other suggestions?

What’s currently happening with you?

Something Like an UPDATE

Did anyone remember ground hog day? I sure didn’t.
February came and on it’s last day, it’s gone. The month wasn’t as smooth sailing as the time felt but I survived.
Nope, I did nothing for Valentines day because I’m a working woman and the night differential that I am being paid meant more than switching my schedule for a date with someone I could care less to see again. Yes, I am that honest at times. Everyone loves fun but these days, dating is intentional, so I’m not wasting time.
In prior post, and the only other post in February, I was in Chi-town the weekend before Valentine’s day. Pretty City but not for me. The New Yorker in me just appreciates New York sometimes. I never like to compare a city, but my Uber drivers kept comparing it to New York. As I seen Chicago, I realized my drivers haven’t seen New York due to their false comparisons. It’s just different.
Back to my regular life, I’m trying to finish school strong. Submitted a final last week, started two other courses, and I’ll be taking two more classes in May. I’m just getting this done so I can gear up for my next move. I’ll speak this into the universe later in the year.
I should be completing a paper now, but I’m searching for flights. With the schedule that I have, staying in on weekends are a thing of the past. I allow myself the time I need to reset, sometimes you just need to reset. Where to next? ATL, New Orleans, The Bay, Texas, Chicago, maybe Maryland since I’m an Aunt now. Or I could randomly fly to a city that has some charm like Savannah, Georgia. Decisions, Decisions. 

How was your February?

Currently: The WeekEnd

With all the drastic unplanned yet unmentioned things that have happened within the month, I want nothing more than to run away. There are things I can control and others I cannot. So I’m trying to limit the stress levels by accepting the things that I cannot control. Baby steps.
I’m typing this while sitting at a window seat on the Amtrak returning to Penn Station feeling melancholy about my return home. This is nothing new, whenever I’m returning home after traveling, I feel the same. But what I’ve learned in just a few hours is that, giving yourself space and exposure is necessary.
I attended a conference this weekend that I chose to participate in. I met a lot of amazing people, learned some new skills, shared my world a little, and slept like a baby in the king size bed that was reserved for me!
What I took away from the weekend:
Take a train ride, its amazing!
Put yourself out there!
No one knows your story but you, you’ll win and you’ll lose, but its YOUR Story. You define your success.
Live your truth!
Choose to be happy!

This was a good weekend. How was your weekend?


11:10 AM

Searching for a new dresser or I’m going to buy an old one and refinish it. I need to revamp my space.

Wanting to post about all the great that has happened BUT what I am learning is to keep things to myself until it is written in permanent INK.

Listening to Drake – Stupid in Love, why? Because it’s playing from my YouTube music app, never knew this song existed until now.

Missing out on Pink nail polish for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have not done my nails since August. I’m not going through anything, just saving money for November.

I’m attempting at transitioning to natural hair. It’s been a year since I relaxed my hair. I’ve always been good at caring for my hair but I think this transition is going to challenge me.

I’m an Aunt now! Yayy, I say this with little excitement, because “The other love of my life” (Bradley, my one year old God son) is expensive. So, I’m not going to be able to keep my composure when I see cute girl stuff to buy for my niece, now to add her to my monthly budget. It’s a good thing I budget and I’m a good saver because lord knows these children are expensive.

Hopefully I can share my excitement for all the amazing things that have manifested in the month of September soon.

See you soon,

– Amanda