For the first time in months, my boyfriend isn’t spending a Friday night with me. So I have a little “free time”.  Although, I should be starting a paper or attempting my last set of assignments for the semester, I decided to be here. Y’all, grad school is rough, and I wasn’t expecting this, but I applied and accepted the challenge, so no complaining.  I know when I need a break, especially starring at screens all day long, but my fingers were itching to write something (besides schoolwork), and I remembered my other home, she conqured! So, let’s start with the roll out, shall we?


I finished the fellowship thing I talked about in December. I wasn’t sure what I could share about it then but now there’s media since I was interviewed about my experience. Not to link it here, but I interned for NYC’s new may0r. It was interesting to say the least but one of the most time-consuming things to do while full-time working and school.

I also took a quick trip to my fav city, DC to visit my sister in-law for her birthday and spend a little time outside of NYC with my boo and it was our first trip.  We are crazy for riding shooters in below 30º temperature but I told him, life with me will be an experience lol.


The busiest semester yet started but not my last semester. All classes were in person, and they were full classes. The school set vax requirements and regular testing. I decided to be extra cautious since I’m back in the office full-time as well and commuting on public transit, it’s been a super risky couple of months but I’m being as cautious as possible.

It was also love month, I can now say something nice about my V-day experience, but I’ll just insert pic above lol, I’m romantic from time to time.


March was the last time I cooked a meal. I don’t get home until 9:30pm most nights and I’m not the type to eat heavy at night, so cooking isn’t much of an option right now. I found a grilling tray/skillet for the stovetop and made some jerk chicken breast for dinner one night, probably a day I wasn’t in class, but it was delish.

It is me, or the warmer the days the healthier the habits? I found myself getting back into juicing and copied the recipe from the juice guy down the block from my office – pineapple, parsley, kale, ginger, green apple.


#YEAR33 x2! My boyfriend and I share a birthday month, so we took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday. I think I might write a post about Vegas, give me a few weeks. I can’t call it a celebration for me because I usually plan to wake up wherever I traveled to for my birthday and that wasn’t the case this year. My most important class happened to fall on my birthday and I was afraid to take the time.

But if I planned accordingly, that could’ve worked out since I didn’t go to class that night and celebrated with my boyfriend at the Restoration Hardware Rooftop in the Meatpacking District. Ambience and food was amazing, definitely want to go back at sundown to experience the outdoor rooftop.


This month I am prepping for my sister’s bridal shower next week. Taking a trip to the DMV to see the newest member of my family and the second grand-baby, my niece Mia for Memorial Day. Finishing the semester and dreaming about the Uber ride I am taking home on my last night lol. Coming home to actually cook within the next couple of weeks. And a much-needed break from thing and everyone until June because I deserve it.

Until next time,




Losing Track of Time

Do you remember planning your blog post? At the top of this year, I kept a note on my phone about all the posts I wanted to create. Laughing about it now, I planned to talk about Valentine’s Day, oh how shitty it was this year, thank GOD for not talking about it. You guys don’t deserve all the chaos of a day that should be surrounded by romance. The point is, with all the planning I lost track of time. Plus, still trying to be an authentic blogger, sometimes life just happens.

But anyway, here I am. Showing up as authentic as I can be at this moment. With a whole bunch of shit going on. Nothing bad but just busy as hell. So, a few updates: Continue reading “Losing Track of Time”

A Reminder: Grief

To this day, whenever I meet someone I want in my life, they instantly become part of me. He was just part of me and still is. It was June 8, 2006, he broke up with me in the hallway of our high school before my last class of the day. I remember holding in my tears until I got home that evening. He introduced me to grief. I spent about a year plus mourning our puppy love until my grandmother passed in 2007 which took it to another level. For years I thought to myself, I was only a teenager, but I was evolving into the woman I am now. Learning how to carry everything the world harms you with including grief.

Continue reading “A Reminder: Grief”