Love happened,

First comes love, then comes marriage. I owe y’all some context lol ….

We met back in August of 2021 on a dating app. I sent him my number right as I deleted the app because I was over it. I told myself that it was time for a dating break, focus on the upcoming school year, and worry about it when I leave NYC. Plans? What’s that?

About a month after texting, he randomly ask me out on a date. I obliged because the other guy at the time kept rescheduling our meet up and I wasn’t opposed to just meeting up for the hell of it. So I agree to see a movie, he picked me up from a local train station and we were in route to see (insert movie).

I got in the car and he kept talking to me in this terrible American accent. I could hear the patios as he pronounced the simplest words. I looked at over at him and said “I can understand you, please speak your normal”. Puzzled written all over his face until I assured him “my parents are Jamaicans, I can UNDERSTAND you”. At that moment, we instantly became friends now that we had more in common besides liking pizza.

He called me almost every night until date #2 which happened the following weekend. He told me that prior to migrating to America, he always visited the City but the only thing notable was Times Square to him. Now y’all know I am born and breed, So I was astonished to hear that. So I planned date #2.

In New York City fashion, aight so boom – I took him to an authentic pizza shop (not the $1 pizza mess they advertise), a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn Bridge park, to see the financial district skyline at sundown (fire), and a ride on the New York City Ferry, yallllll I’m a romantic! Do you hear me!! The smooch on the ferry sealed the DEAL, we’ve been inseparable since.

Fast track months later, we have the marriage talk. Until boom, a proposal that I didn’t anticipate because we already talked about getting married, having a date, and everything.

What’s funny about how this played out was that I wasn’t looking for anything when we met. I never imagined myself a bride (realizing this even more once I knew we were serious about marriage), I did not have a wedding and my family is BIG MAD about it but I have nice pictures and at minimum that’s what I wanted. I think about writing my feelings out about that decision but it’s more than just a wedding, it’s about people.

Until now…. I married my purpose partner. On our one year anniversary 10/7/22. Wedding day post loading …..

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