It’s 3:25 AM and would you believe that I just hosted over 10 people in my studio apartment, just packed my bags for a quick trip to Dallas, cleaned my entire kitchen, swept my floors, mopped my floors, and I need to be in a Uber by 4:15 AM to get to my 6:05 AM flight all while running on about 5 hours of sleep?  Continue reading “#YEAR29”


Ghana happened,


For almost two years I spoke about my desire to visit Ghana. One of my closest friends visited Ghana with her spouse and invited me on their next trip some years ago. However, they had a baby and choose not to visit again until their daughter was much older. I played with the idea of going alone for a long time but my year of 2017 prioritize a major debt that would allow me to complete a major goal in 2018 (details in another post). I traveled in the states instead of out the country in 2017 because it was affordable but once I settled my debt later that year I told myself I will make Ghana happen.  Continue reading “Ghana happened,”