IMG_4039This was 9:20 AM. The rarest thing I’ve seen in my life here in NYC. Every day I’ve come to my financial district office to wait on the telecommute plan to be updated, officially reinstated today. I’ve worn sneakers every day, my hair is either in a curly bun or left out, the least I can do for my face is ensure I’m moisturized, and I actually brought tea to work every day (again). I totally forgot to give the breakfast cart guy $20 (that’s how he makes a living) this morning but the lord understood my heart. I’ve walked the slowest I’ve ever walked to the train leaving work every evening since Monday. Continue reading “Currently”



They said I would lose sleep since the time changed, NOPE! I’ve had the unwanted pleasure of waking up at 6:30 AM for the last two weeks; including weekends and nights I take sleep aids. Although I have something very important to write and submit, I wanted to chat a little on the blog today. The previous post tells you enough about “what the hell is going on?”; trying to think ahead, since I spend most of my quiet time dwelling about my new normal and what I should had done differently. Continue reading “Currently”

No Easy Feat,

Resized_20200224_155003This morning I was supposed to rise next to my partner in sunny California. Preparing myself for yet another round of interviews to finally make my mark in my “new city”. Instead, I was at the post office on 138th and 5th avenue in Harlem, mailing the keys that once opened his doors to me. The emotions were surreal. I swallowed back tears and looked away from the cashier as she placed a stamp on the envelope that I sealed the day before. Continue reading “No Easy Feat,”