IMG_9926Yesterday while walking home I had the sudden urge to write about happiness. The man that sits by the Open Kitchen restaurant on Williams street smiles and says good night to EVERYBODY black. I’m not sure if he’s homeless or if he just hangs out there. I told myself that I’m going to ask him what the secret is because he seems very happy. I ignored my intuition about writing this because of processing, but my friend sent me a TEDx Bloomington talk this morning because most people know I enjoy a good Ted Talk. Continue reading “Bloomington”


So, I may had lied about August.

IMG_1821I’m pleased to say that things weren’t as dramatic for me this month but if you ask the heart I broke, welp, something “bad” did happen. To clear this up a little, I’m still healing, learning/unlearning, and deciding to choose myself. Continue reading “So, I may had lied about August.”

And for once, I’m not nervous about August


Over the last few years, when July would come to a close, I would dread August. For so many reasons to name but mostly because August was always full of disappointment. I’m not sure when it started but I knew the neck pains I felt during the prior years was REAL. Continue reading “And for once, I’m not nervous about August”