the next best thing


June was for journaling, drinking more water, reading, praying, cleansing, all suggestions from Sheriden on how to incorporate these things into my morning routine. Nine journal entries, more water, two chapters & some articles/blogs, big prayers, and unburned sage, I tried. Of the blogs I read, something shook me up when Setarra reminded us why she blogs.

I’ve re-read old post and even deleted some out of revamping but noticed a pattern. I’m not a writer (SO WE’RE CLEAR), but I’m not as forthcoming as I hoped to be. Reading through the years, this space was used to write my way out of my functioning depression, anxiety, transformation, healing, and growth. However, these entries lacked happiness, joy, fulfillment, and living. Truthfully, there are days that I’m through the moon in love with life and everything around me – I just don’t say that here and someone needs to see that too, if this is where I choose to share.

Of all the quiet time that I’ve had to myself during this pandemic, I’ve accepted that I am transforming again. This time I am leaving something behind and finally opening the door to receive something new. It’s scary to say the least, but I’m excited. In an attempt to smile, laugh, love, experience, and choose joy more – I hope that you’ll come along this new discovery with me and in due time, I’ll be sharing.

As per my last journal entry, “maybe it’s an ah-ha moment that leads me to the next best thing”.

Conquering xx

One Year Later + : M E X I C O

Sometime in February of 2019 I was determined to take a solo trip for #YEAR30. I’ve taken solo trips before but not a full-on international solo trip (Ghana was solo half the time – a LEARNING moment). On the phone with a friend deciding on all the locations in my head, we settled on Cozumel, Mexico. I looked for all types of luxury hotels and settled on an all-inclusive adult only resort because I guess I’m grown. Continue reading “One Year Later + : M E X I C O”