For the first time in months, my boyfriend isn’t spending a Friday night with me. So I have a little “free time”.  Although, I should be starting a paper or attempting my last set of assignments for the semester, I decided to be here. Y’all, grad school is rough, and I wasn’t expecting this, but I applied and accepted the challenge, so no complaining.  I know when I need a break, especially starring at screens all day long, but my fingers were itching to write something (besides schoolwork), and I remembered my other home, she conqured! So, let’s start with the roll out, shall we? Continue reading “Lately,”


I can’t remember when I started to love nail polish. Maybe high school, right in time for my mother to be assured that I wasn’t a “tom-boy”. I have always enjoyed sports and high intensity activities; I wasn’t missing a nail appointment. Nails use to be a thing to do back in high school. It was all about the designs, the length, and the shape.

Continue reading “Kept”

January to May

I considered giving up this blog entirely because of the editor. I was getting frustrated with how to use this new block setting and thought maybe it was a sign that it’s finally OVER, but I found myself still looking for something to say even if it were a few words. So, here I am again on one of my favorite places to share. Hey, y’all, hey. Continue reading “January to May”