A long hello,

My last post was May of 2022. I’m not sure if I needed a break or life took a toll on me but A LOT happened.


My life has taken the most dramatic twist and turns since I last posted. Some I prayed for and others I think God knew I was ready for. 

For a later post, I’s married. Now, let’s continue lol…


So why didn’t anyone warn me about grad school? When I tell you that if I had thought this through, I would’ve delayed it by another 2 years. Starting school in the pandemic was not a good idea but I need to trust my timing. I’m done. My capstone/thesis would be amazing for a funded PhD program but there’s no way I can go back – in my mind. If I find the courage to study for the GRE since it was waived for my masters (yay to all the A’s in undergrad), I’ll consider it. 


When I started working for the city, I knew I didn’t want to be at the same position or pay for no more than 5 years. The pay isn’t competitive unless you’re “able” to move through the ranks and that takes YEARS and (sometimes) favor. Because the system isn’t designed for favor, I got a new job! I’ll write an update about how I feel about it since I’m adjusting and looking to move on.


My poor husband hasn’t realized that him and I together in this space that was once mine alone, has been a painful adjustment and takes lots of compromise. We made the discussion to stay in our studio to help us save to buy one day. We’ve since made some big adjustments to the space that meant I had to throw some stuff out, and move some of his things in. We’ve now created a medium. There were many challenges that we did not know we needed to “see”. For now, our home works just fine.

Now that I have time to type out my thoughts again, it feels good to be back at this space. I am thinking to use the guide feature on Instagram to create post, what do you think about this? I miss blogging but content video creation and podcasting has taken over and I am not sure that I could keep up with that.


Until next time,

xx Amanda

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5 thoughts on “A long hello,

  1. I don’t know what it was about 2022, but it just wasn’t for blogging. LOL!

    CONGRATULATIONS on every single thing my girl. I am ELATED and you deserve all the good. I ponder going to get that terminal degree, but I definitely don’t have it in my with a toddler. I’m not even entertaining the thought. The most I have in me to devote energy towards are certs. And that’s just going to have to do.

    So glad to see a post from you in the new year. I’m not HEAVY on Instagram anymore, but I’ll pop in on whatever medium you choose frannnn!

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  2. Ahhhhhh Congratulations Amanda!!!!! I love *all* of this for you. Sending virtual hugs and positive/restorative/stress free energy as we kick off the new year! xoxo


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