one month of isolation


Today is day 31 of “self-isolation”. To maintain my sanity while working from home, I started with running and then riding my bike on weekends when visiting my parents. I know I was supposed to stay away but we just aren’t that type of family, it’s too hard. Continue reading “one month of isolation”

YEAR 31 |


Weeks before the shutdown I canceled my session with my photographer. I wasn’t 100% about what I wanted my 31st year of life photo to be. I knew I wasn’t happy about the flow out of my 30th year but struggled to admit it. For the life of me, I can never just follow my gut sometimes. Over the last year, I was seeing something through while running the risk of potentially damaging whatever faith I had left. I may not write everything on paper but I sure as hell SCREAM it into the universe. God has never failed me, but I keep battling my journey with his path (think about that). Continue reading “YEAR 31 |”


IMG_4039This was 9:20 AM. The rarest thing I’ve seen in my life here in NYC. Every day I’ve come to my financial district office to wait on the telecommute plan to be updated, officially reinstated today. I’ve worn sneakers every day, my hair is either in a curly bun or left out, the least I can do for my face is ensure I’m moisturized, and I actually brought tea to work every day (again). I totally forgot to give the breakfast cart guy $20 (that’s how he makes a living) this morning but the lord understood my heart. I’ve walked the slowest I’ve ever walked to the train leaving work every evening since Monday. Continue reading “Currently”