About Me

Welcome to She Conquered! This space is created to be my personal lifestyle blog and to discuss the obstacles that I will CONQUER. As per my poor usage of grammar and never caring where an Oxford comma should go in my sentences, just letting you know now that I am not a writer.

I created this space with something to say. Formally The Uptown Influence, Uptown Influenced, and now She Conqured, I’ve come to realize that here I am hopefully sometimes me.

You may see a hair update or two, but I’m not a hair blogger. I like and wear make up but I’m over due for a trip to purchase a better foundation, so I’m not a beauty blogger. However, here I’ve shared some pivotal moments, some with tears, depression, transgression, transformation, progression, and being unapologetic for my procrastination/laziness.

Not sure when the two name thing began but I’m Amanda Nicole, but calling me Amanda is okay I guess. I’m 30 and ready to see what my new decade brings. I am a New York Native currently residing in Cardi B’s section of the Bronx.

I hope to spark your interest a little so please come on this new but old journey with me as I came, saw, and conquer this thing called LIFE.