I know, I’ll fix the wires eventually.

I’ve tried to read, write, and sleep a little longer in the mornings but my body is racing with my mind. I have time to sit still and think. Continue reading “11:11”

one month of isolation


Today is day 31 of “self-isolation”. To maintain my sanity while working from home, I started with running and then riding my bike on weekends when visiting my parents. I know I was supposed to stay away but we just aren’t that type of family, it’s too hard. Continue reading “one month of isolation”

YEAR 31 |


Weeks before the shutdown I canceled my session with my photographer. I wasn’t 100% about what I wanted my 31st year of life photo to be. I knew I wasn’t happy about the flow out of my 30th year but struggled to admit it. For the life of me, I can never just follow my gut sometimes. Over the last year, I was seeing something through while running the risk of potentially damaging whatever faith I had left. I may not write everything on paper but I sure as hell SCREAM it into the universe. God has never failed me, but I keep battling my journey with his path (think about that). Continue reading “YEAR 31 |”