Life is Generous


I was in the air when the 2020 New Year started on the East Coast. With 40 minutes to spare before the West Coast New Year, I sped down La Cienega Blvd, trying to get “home” to kiss the once, love of my life. Making it with 10 minutes left in 2019, I parked, ate, smooched and woke up in California. I thought 2020 was it. I thought to myself what better time than now.

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Ode to 2018: Edited

Most of my year has been: open my laptop, stare at the screen for five minutes, start typing, delete, delete, delete, save, never post, repeat five days later. I’d come up with all sorts of things in my head but could never organize in a word document. Truth is, it’s been an extremely emotional year. The levels of emotion that I’d experienced, I just didn’t care to share. Over the course of this year, I looked back at what the hell I’ve written throughout the year and it’s not much positivity. So, I’ve decided to blame all that shit on my twenties. Unlike the stories I’ve heard, my twenties weren’t filled with partying, random drunk nights, and all the other shit. My twenties were more like trauma, fixing, unlearning, relearning, growing pains, heartbreak, mourning, therapy, weight gain, etc. and I have less than 5 months left in my twenties- I’m looking forward to getting out of this mess. Continue reading “Ode to 2018: Edited”