No Easy Feat,

Resized_20200224_155003This morning I was supposed to rise next to my partner in sunny California. Preparing myself for yet another round of interviews to finally make my mark in my “new city”. Instead, I was at the post office on 138th and 5th avenue in Harlem, mailing the keys that once opened his doors to me. The emotions were surreal. I swallowed back tears and looked away from the cashier as she placed a stamp on the envelope that I sealed the day before. Continue reading “No Easy Feat,”

All at ONCE

021090B0-5823-4A0B-8143-B0DFA3A7380B_1_201_aI don’t remember the name of the hotel in DC but back in June of 2019, I was having breakfast (some bad oatmeal) on the patio, listening to a podcast. She talked about her desire to move to the city she’s in now after moving back in with her parent’s post-divorce. What I remember distinctly about the podcast was that her father was telling her that she better be ready for it when it comes, because it will all come at once. So, BOOM! Here I am, at 10:05 PM, dying to sleep but my mind in running, rolling, jumping, jogging, and swimming through thoughts of everything that is happening now, all at ONCE. Continue reading “All at ONCE”