January to May

I considered giving up this blog entirely because of the editor. I was getting frustrated with how to use this new block setting and thought maybe it was a sign that it’s finally OVER, but I found myself still looking for something to say even if it were a few words. So, here I am again on one of my favorite places to share. Hey, y’all, hey.


I don’t straighten my hair often but managing my hair has become a nightmare all 2020 into 2021. I decided to cut some off with thoughts of getting rid of more hair in the near future. It is just me?


Celebrated one of my favorite holidays – valentine’s day – with a beautiful bunch of roses and my niece came to NY from MD to celebrate her 4th birthday. She went from my little facetime playdate to telling me stories about school. Kids are a joy.


I finally got a camera thanks to Valla! So much uncertainty around it but I gave in to a starter camera. Hoping to find a better lens soon and time to watch a bunch of photography videos to gain some skills.

I’m in the second semester of grad school and y’all, I AM STRESSED! The freest I’ll be is in August and I’m taking advantage of every second. I moved my desk around to prepare for the summer months and give myself a little change in my apartment because studios are very limiting.

One of my best friends was released from prison after 12 years. We decided to go the scenic route back home passing our high school after having lunch. It was a surreal moment since we hadn’t seen each other since we were 20 years old. He’s well and life is treating him well.

My cousin and I met in DC for our friend’s surprise engagement! It was wonderful and I got to brunch in the DC streets with my niece, brother, sister-in-law, and cuz. I love DC and I cannot wait to finally pack my things and head south. Loading…


I went to ATL to visit my cousins who just purchased a new house. We hung around the house, cooked dinner, visited the coca-kola factory, and rode scooters through Piedmont park at night! That was FUN and I can’t wait to do it again!

#YEAR32 I took myself to Cabo accompanied by my best friend. We both needed the getaway. If you want a covid safe trip, visit Cabo, they tested on-site! That was important for me. I ate lobster, french fries, and salad most of the trip, had margarita’s and mimosa at the same time, went sailing because there’s a first for everything, snorkeling has forced me to learn how to swim cause the panic through my body, was not it! LOL.


I took my Sony out for a spin through Harlem. One thing Harlem has is churches, I couldn’t resist the beauty of it. We’re only at the top of May, we’ll see what else the month has to offer. How are you, friends? I miss y’all!

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3 thoughts on “January to May

  1. missed your posts, Amanda! love these kinds of chill recaps. and i completely understand what you mean by being frustrated with these new blog editors. every update makes things worse. :/ you hair looks so good long! but my vote is to chop it if it’s more work than it’s worth.



  2. I’ve missed so much around the blog world man.. I need to do an update like this because trying to figure out how I should provide some type of update after being gone for so long is making my nerves bad! LOL!

    I totally feel you on dancing with the thought of giving this all up. But it’s like every time I decide that I’m “probably” done, I instantly miss it. Or I have random thoughts about my blog and all my favs and I never go through with it.

    This year is proving to be challenging just like last year, so I’m glad you were able to celebrate life with friends and family.

    And I LOVE all that of that hair!


  3. This year has been rough on the blogging community that we know and love. WordPress has changed so much. I logged in and just sat there like huh?! Despite the changes, I’ve grown to like the blocks enough to do an occasional post.

    It’s been six months since you’ve made this post, and I hope that life is continuing to treat you well.


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