to be relaxed,

IMG_4553It’s half past 2 and I’m forcing myself to not take any sleeping pills. I’m yawning every couple of minutes because I’m tired, physically, but apparently not mentally. It didn’t occur to me that August is around the corner and it’s one of two months that’s always a transitional point for me, but I don’t think that’s what this insomnia is. One question keeps circling through my mind and simply, when’s the last time you’ve been relaxed? Continue reading “to be relaxed,”


IMG_4039This was 9:20 AM. The rarest thing I’ve seen in my life here in NYC. Every day I’ve come to my financial district office to wait on the telecommute plan to be updated, officially reinstated today. I’ve worn sneakers every day, my hair is either in a curly bun or left out, the least I can do for my face is ensure I’m moisturized, and I actually brought tea to work every day (again). I totally forgot to give the breakfast cart guy $20 (that’s how he makes a living) this morning but the lord understood my heart. I’ve walked the slowest I’ve ever walked to the train leaving work every evening since Monday. Continue reading “Currently”