Time | 11:22 PM

Eating | Crackers and Cheese. No I am not on a diet, it’s convenient food.
Watching | YouTube, and then Power in a few minutes.
Feeling | Fatigued. After my Skype meeting at 5:30 this afternoon, I immediately jumped in the shower and fell asleep by 6:30. Explains why I am up currently.
Thinking | About this month and how tired I am. I’ve been hustling. I’ve been to Manhattan and Brooklyn more times than I can remember within this month. I completed my third interview for the week this morning and I am praying that one of them work out. Because if I am honest I prayed for this. Look at GOD.
Reading | Terry McMillian – I Almost Forgot About You. Although this book isn’t in my age range, the lesson I think I am getting out of it so far is; telling the people you love/loved that you love them. The love lesson is based on relationships and I am happy that I used the few opportunities I had to tell the men I once loved or the one I love, that I love them.
Anticipating | Sweater season and the end of August. The one thing I love about the North/ East side is the change in season. It’s awesome. I don’t like it crazy cold but as long as it’s comfortable. End of August post coming soon.

7 days left, let us Pray!

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