No Accidents

Disclaimer: This company no longer exist.
Finished my school orientation and as I exited the building, I realized that everything happens for a reason. I stopped midway through the door as I stood to stare at the building across the street. The building across the street was the start of my career. I was 19 years old when I did my research about that agency. Told myself that I would be working for them by the age of 21. I started my two weeks of training at the ending of July in 2010, just a few months after my 21st birthday. That job didn’t pay, but I loved it.
In 2010, I knew that my purpose was to impact other peoples lives. Case in point, I sat on the phone for an hour today with a client about her steps to obtain her high school equivalency diploma. She admitted to her poor choices and was ashamed that she didn’t complete High School. Being the counselor (said loosely) that I am, there are days that I have to be patient and personal. I shared stories of the places I’ve been, the people I know, the people I may have lost, and the direction I would like to go.
Nothing happens by accident. The places I had the opportunity to see are not an accident. This school isn’t an accident. My first social service job wasn’t an accident. The people I’ve met or lost, are not accidents. Somethings may have been done backwards but I am on the path I belong on. I truly believe this.
This is a God Dream y’all.
The nostalgia that I felt as I strolled down Hudson Street, with my Itunes on shuffle, listening to music that reminded me of good times, bad times, friends, and even lovers. Today was alright!

August of 2016, so far, let’s continue to pray, a few more days left.

Published by Amanda

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