Rediscovering Peace: Running, again

Besides the tall dark and handsome father that walks his son to the bus that stops at the corner of my parents block, at approximately 7:15 AM, clean shaved, standing at 6’3, suit and tie guy, slim figure, checking his phone, wearing is wedding band, yes, I started running again.

I said I wanted to exercise more a few posts back, but with all the interviewing, school preparations, and altering my life to get out of my emotions because of the end of July, I didn’t make it happen this past August.

However, when I am determined, I am determined. By the time you see this, I should be at 12+ miles for the month. I run five times a week and a little over a mile each of those days.  It’s hard keeping up with it but I see the difference. My glut and my abdomen is tighter, which is what I want for wedding season, you never know, I might find a man.

A few years ago when I started my weight loss journey, running/walking, helped release the stressors of my life. Lately, things aren’t as stressful as prior years, but running, has alleviated my stress tremendously. I am breaking some emotional barriers down right now, getting through some things, and trying to maintain my mental wellness; running is necessary.

I bought new pants, a new bra to support these things, and changed my sneakers. The weather is surely changing so I need to get more suitable active wear for the climate. When the air hits my skin, I come alive ready for the day, all the madness, my kids who won’t listen to their parents, the BS emails, the kids who are excited to show me that they’ve passed an exam, or the parents whom are combative about following the rules, all while trying to fit in a lunch break; I feel good.

Other days, it doesn’t change what happens in the mind but it gets me through the unwanted memories. It is what it is.  


June wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either as discussed in my last post. My current agency is shutting down and there is no official date. So I have to be proactive and get out of there immediately. So my search continues into July.

I’m late on a July post. Well my July has started as an emotional one. I may discuss it later. But for right now, if I seem distant, know that I’m trying to get through this change. Nothing more or less.
I need to refocus on my aspirations in this month. The time is now because things are about to become really hectic depending upon tomorrow. I am about to make a huge change that I’ll talk about in a few days. Crosses fingers.
Weight Loss |
I felt the need to stretch my legs yesterday and decided to put on my headphone, grab my arm band, and start my Nike training app. Looking at my stats, I realized that I had not ran in exactly a month. Shame on me. The level of stress that was taking place in June, I should’ve been running more often. But Its July, the weather is warmer, and I prefer it, so not running isn’t an option. Aside from running, I need to start eating cleaner. I really need to condition myself to eat food. I am content in cereal and tea. I’ll be honest, that shit helped me lose a lot of weight last year. But I can clearly do better.
Finances |
He is my blessing in disguise, and without him I would’ve been crying a river within the next few hours. I ran into some moving violation troubles back in May. Dust it off, as if I could win this case by myself but I did not do my research. Lucky for me, a birthday card and some clarity, allowed us to speak again. Just last week while we were hanging out, during conversation he informed me of how big my troubles would be, and now I just used some of my savings to pay a lawyer. A few post back, I discussed the need for savings. Many American’s don’t have emergency savings. Something told me to get my shit together because it saved my ass. Now I am crying broke until I can rebuild my savings to a comfortable amount.
Growth and Patience |
I read through my blog and noticed that I am not as positive in some of my previous post. Which is not a problem at all. I love that I am as honest as I can be. Being human should be genuine. My twenties are nothing but adult issues that I’m clearly not prepared for. Even the things that I would like to change, I don’t think I would. But I say think loosely. Step by step, brick by brick, I am learning to accept it all. I think about all the positivity I do see but I cannot help but wonder what the negatives were. I want to know the deep, dark, scary parts of growth. Tell me your story. On days when it seems like I am stuck, I reflect on some of the scary parts, and realize that I must be patient with my growth. Anyone that isn’t patient with your growth, needs not to be in your story. I try to practice patience with others and their growth so I can better understand them. Growth is trivial to learning and understanding.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll be in court. What do you have planned for July?