And here Comes November…

Sorry for being so late on this November post but my month of October ran right into November. I was hoping to have a fresh start to my month but as usual something always seems to happen in this field of work. I’m so in need of a spa day or something. Although I’m not on call for my job, I still receive calls on my days off. -_- … But thank you HTC for this phone I have (the mytouch) I get to BLOCK everyone. I know I’m terrible but if you work or have worked in the Mental Health field you’ll understand just what I mean. It’s Super stressful. Everyone smokes except me!

Can’t wait for December! I have a week off and I think Jamaica it is.

Are you making any plans for the upcoming holidays?

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I didn’t get the chance to do the decorating or candy shopping so I’m skipping out this year. Since I reside in New York we all know what that weathers been like.

This was about 1:00 pm when I took this picture. I wasn’t so surprised about the snow, being that we were a few days close to Novemeber. Since I’m an April/Spring baby, I sure remember snow on my birthday’s in the past. But other surrounding areas got hit hard with the weather. My power went out for about an hour. -_- . But It could be worst. All I can say is this weather just reminds me of LAYAWAY and Turkey season!!!!! More like oxtails in my household.

On another note, come back to me SPRING!

What’s your Favorite time of the year?