And that’s what intuition is…

I’ve been through situations that clearly I’ve denied the obvious. We find ways and excuses for all the obvious reasons why we do the things that we do. We’re human but what happens when abuse is involved?

Sometimes I want to save the world but once I’m done doing that no one is here to save me. But I’d rather be battered and bruised while saving someone else.

I have a situation where love is blind, and no matter how much I put the bug in her ear, she seems to never listen. But this time around I’m getting all the blame thrown in my face for this but so similar usual situation.

But when is it enough? How can you tell someone to follow their heart without breaking it more? But our sixth sense is intuition. It’s our guidance when things aren’t right. The support system that gets us through the night. It helps us to keep moving on. But every person needs to learn to be strong.

What would you do if it were your friend?

Published by Amanda

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