I know…………!!!

Its been really long since I’ve written a post. Its non-intentional but I’ve been anti-social media. No twitter, no blogger, and limited Facebook. But I’ve been reading, when I have time. Between work, family, re-evaluating my plan, and a bad break-up that is still going on, I have no me time. That will surely change this time around. I stopped my work-out routine, I need a new computer, and this month is my birthday and I have no plans. Things have been really hectic but It’s a new month and I’m ready for a fresh start!

I was able to get away in March.. Quick Trip to Orlando.

 The bestie and I.. heading out.
 Quick Drinks!
 My Friend Sasha and Her beau showing us a good time.
 Quick drive to Daytona.
And me Crackin’ at Joe’s Crab Shack. 
But more to come loves…. Just a quick update.

Published by Amanda

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