Relaxed Tuesday’s

A rainy day in New York is rather sluggish and slow, usually causing traffic so the first thing on my mind would be to stay home. And that I did. I don’t encourage anyone to skip out on work but my excuse was rather different than the usual.

Its been a long 5 years since I’ve lost my grandmother on this cold 17th of January. So I decided to be around people that made me smile.

She’s at peace, I know that she’s in a better place.

My understanding has become better over the years. No tears, no sadness, no stress.

In honor of her, I look back on her life and the values she has taught me. A reminder of the woman I’ve become. Realizing how much she’s still apart of me and always will be.

Thank you M.E.J your dearly missed, and today I Relaxed.

i HATE dating

Although somethings are better left unsaid but I HATE DATING!

I’ve been single for a few months. So I said I’ll start dating a little. Nothing major being that my family happens to be in love with my old beau and we have history in simple terms! So I reconnect with some would’ve been and some new guys. BIGGEST MISTAKE. See I’m not the type to ever go in my past but I should’ve known better. What was the reason why we stopped speaking again?

Earlier today I get a text saying “SO YOUR NOT GOING TO PICK UP YOUR PHONE.” … Halt, take two steps back, re-read! Now we haven’t gone on a formal date yet, nor have we had that many conversations for you to be upset about me not answering, I only have one father who can talk to me anyway he feels, and last but not least I have NO husband.

It took me TWO minutes to register what I was reading and being that I was sure that I wasn’t in a relationship. Regardless of the level of a relationship, don’t question me unless your my parent or my husband since we share our lives together. Yes we can have an argument and I’ll hang up and your calling me and I’m not answering, so you send me a text, but wait, I’m SINGLE. So who in the HELL (excuse me) are you to question me?

A lot of the blogs that I follow are married woman, and yes I adore reading them all. They give me the hope and inspiration to believe this will all stop one day, although marriage isn’t perfect (23 years: my parents). But the great part about this, although I’m clearly ignorant about the text, Thanks to HTC once again… He’s BLOCKED.  If he is like this now, what does it say about him if we were to have a relationship? Avoiding the abuse before it starts.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this, do you hate dating too?