Relaxed Tuesday’s

A rainy day in New York is rather sluggish and slow, usually causing traffic so the first thing on my mind would be to stay home. And that I did. I don’t encourage anyone to skip out on work but my excuse was rather different than the usual.

Its been a long 5 years since I’ve lost my grandmother on this cold 17th of January. So I decided to be around people that made me smile.

She’s at peace, I know that she’s in a better place.

My understanding has become better over the years. No tears, no sadness, no stress.

In honor of her, I look back on her life and the values she has taught me. A reminder of the woman I’ve become. Realizing how much she’s still apart of me and always will be.

Thank you M.E.J your dearly missed, and today I Relaxed.

Published by Amanda

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