Let it out!!!!!

Its Monday loves. It’s a rainy day in NYC so I’m more sleepy than anything. Winter will drag all kinds of moods out of me I swear. We had snow over the weekend and I’m actually happy that it did. Last snow storm we had was in October and I wasn’t feeling that too much. Made me really think about global warming. The air is much cleaner since the snow, although New York air is horrible! I can tell the difference in the air when it doesn’t snow.

So in my new years eve post, I expressed that I was going to lose some weight for the new year and I’ve really been trying to push this diet. I have been successful. I’ve lost 10 pounds!!!!! YESSSSS! With a combination of exercise and healthier eating, I lost some weight. Its been three weeks in! So I’m working. It’s good to know your body, so take care of it. Being diagnosed with PCOS is something. So for me to be healthier I have to work hard to change this weight issue and I’m not stopping!

This is breakfast! And its Wonderful! Just one cup! So Try it out ladies. It’s just another healthier choice in the morning than your usual fast food. I’m happy with my choices!

How was your weekend? Any resolutions working out in your favor so far this year?

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