Fighting to not take a nap right now after eating my left over’s from last night for lunch. Leadership at my current agency is nonexistent due to the close of the company so work has been a drag lately. The days are counting down and I’ve been interviewing for new work. Three offers on the table and one more interview before I decide which position I’ll be going for; looking for work is annoying but I’m grateful for the opportunities.
I’ve discussed my education woes and it is becoming more evident why I need to complete my degree now. Simply, I NEED THE SHIT. All the jobs that I have researched and applied for require it, although I work really hard to sell myself. It has become exhausting to say the least, and it doesn’t stop here. My book is still being written. Finally closing some chapters and starting new ones.
I’m in need of an affordable mini getaway. I have a few vacation days that I will be taking before I submit my resignation. I want to start my new position feeling rejuvenated. Nothing feels better than feeling fresh and new. If I cannot find something soon, I may just find a hotel with a pool and lounge for a day, that always works, but I kinda seeking new scenery. We’ll see what I come up with.
I am also anticipating the weekend. I do not have much planned but I could use the day to clean up my junk drawer, throw out some old shoes, and re-organizing my closet. Going through the motions and adjusting to the new changes that will be taking effect within the upcoming weeks, has me ready to purge my surrounds. Junk, clothes, shoes, old papers, and friends/relationships; Yeah, it gets like that.

I need to wake up, maybe I’ll take a walk.   

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