My weekend was jam packed in the city. Sorry but I didn’t take pictures. I know, silly me. I needed the distraction because I know that these current days ahead will be an adjusting period for me. I am currently teaching myself to do something I do not want to do, but probably needs to. Whatever that meant, I am working on it, in simpler terms.
Friday, I went to a local bar with two of my friends that I rarely see due to life, but we always check in. The past year has been life altering for all of us. Careers, moves, and all the in-betweens. It was good catching up with them.
Saturday, an impromptu trip to the Lower East Side with my cousins turned into dinner and being in a completely different environment that opened my eyes. I was in a spot that you could get drugs from. Yeah, that type of shit. Nah, I am not about that life, and it was a random pop in as to why we were even there. Won’t be doing that again.
Sunday, I invited a friend to a poetry show. We got to see the legendary Jasmine Mans. If you don’t know who she is, I told you here first. Anyone out in DC, she’ll be doing a show on 7/17 at Bus Boys and Poets. Check it out. However, back to my night. I was around my people. A room full of melanin. Y’all just don’t know how I feel when I am in that type of environment. Exhilarating to say the least. Everyone was affected by last weeks’ tragedies. Every poet performed their pain so passionately that you felt it in your heart. We’re all suffering. Glad I was there.
Quickly, since I’ve been following her for some years now, I seen this quote a long time ago from Jasmine Mans and today it hit home (photo above, don’t mind my hand writing its actually neater, and also, how perfect, my silhouette). We shouldn’t forget ourselves. Always remember we come first. A few people in my world have shown this to me, it’s not the material things, or other people, loving yourself is the ultimate goal. So the next time some ask you, what do you love, remember to say yourself.

Count down till the weekend, 4 more days…. How was your weekend?

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