You’re Confident

June hasn’t been the worst but it has been a month full of progression and understanding. Something’s acceptable, others I’m more pessimistic about. Change isn’t easy to adjust to, but it’s necessary.

This month I took a big leap. Applying for career opportunities, in other states and in other fields. What time is better than now? I had to re-evaluate my life and what is missing. If I were to think that life should be planned the way I once assumed, a lot would be missing. But I have nothing to lose but familiarity at this point in my life.

I love my family but I can separate for awhile. Gives them the opportunity to miss me. I have no children, no property, no major responsibility. My mother helped me with this. She made me realize this last February. Not under the unfortunate circumstances but I’m grateful.

Moving has always been on my agenda. But I get all scary and chicken out. But I must enter this mission and be prepared for what is to come. All long as I am confident, things will surely work themselves out.

There’s no better time than now! I want to get up and go get it! Shoutout to June for making me more confident!

Published by Amanda

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