I never really use any social media platforms to display the times that I am frustrated. I have said in prior post that maybe I don’t share as much as I think I do. Some emotions need to be directed differently. Sometimes I do not direct my emotions correctly as much as I’d like to, but I’m working on it.
Maybe I’m different, but I believe as we grow, all aspects of life shift with us; from our family, friends, relationships, career paths, and our well-being.  We learn to adjust our energy to the things that are more acceptable for us. We choose our paths at some point or another. We DECIDE who to let in and what to walk away from. Not everything we choose is forever but maybe momentarily.
I might be in a little trouble with a few people because they do not understand what shifting your energy means. For me, if I do not like something or the tension feels unnecessary, I walk away and return when it feels balanced again.  I will not fight, bicker, or argue otherwise. It took some time to overcome that form of expression. I have mastered that now. What I had learned from this is that energy can sometimes be wasted.
I am more of a momentarily person. I do not disappear for long. All I do is give space and time. Sometimes we need time to correct things internally. When you are left to work through things and balance your thoughts, your perspectives change. Usually, I allow myself to brainstorm; it helps to balance my energy. If I am aware that my energy can affect someone, I’ll give space and time, come around after I regroup. But lately some people don’t understand that.
Something’s are not understood but rather respected. Respecting the energy flow is crucial to growth and your well-being.

What are some ways you shift your energy?

What have you Conquered today?

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