June | Progress and Understanding

From Snapchat to YouTube, I noticed that I was not the only person going through some things during the month of May. Feelings is an understatement but I ended MAY with a bang. I went out for memorial day weekend. Seen friends, met some new ones, and lived a little more than usual. It was necessary for me to just be free for a moment.
I am working on a lot currently in my life and I am left to do it alone. And rightfully so, you should do things alone, but I don’t have someone I could cry and complain to from time to time. I bottle a lot of it. Trying to come up with new techniques so I can overcome this habit. But some habits are hard to break, or, I’m not as sharing with others as maybe I should be. But this is a work in progress too.
Exercise |
For the start of June, I have slept extremely well. My doctor told me that I was suffering from depression associated insomnia in May. OH NO. I’m not diagnosed with depression but I had to get in tune with my energy. I ran a mile most mornings to get balanced again. Which usually does the trick. And yes, it worked well. So I will continue this to stay on balance.
Organization |
It’s June! Almost summer! So I went through my clothing and shoes. Separated my winter items and replaced them with summer items. Organized my closet, my chest of drawers, and made sure my socks matched. I went in. I also organized a few things at work so my day’s end early and I am able to relax for a minutes before walking out the office. I feel much more relaxed now that I am much more organized.
Me time |
Today is Saturday. I lied to my friends and screened most of my calls and text today, while organizing my house because I wanted to spend today alone. Maybe two people could invade my space, but only those two. I set up a wax appointment and a Swedish massage for next weekend as well. I will start pampering myself more because I deserve it. Me time is imperative holistically. 
Progress and Understanding |

Everyday I am working towards my big goals. I am a bit misguided yet determined. I think that everything, everyone, and every place we go, are for a reason. My progress is a path that is for me to understand. I am trusting my timing with everything.

What have you Conquered today?

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