Not ready

Somewhere after my 27th birthday, I started thinking about dating again. A few potential opportunities were in close distance to the idea. So somewhere between the thoughts and what I thought could happen, I was finding some motivation to step out into the dating world again.
First, it started with a friend, that completely disappointed me, and then today made it clear as day, that I need to not date at all. I’m not ready.
Over the weekend, I was bored, started a profile on a dating site, and started searching. Before you frown about online dating, I definitely found “success/happiness” from online dating. But I’ll leave that right there.
A few messages later, I get a number.
Handsome, career driven, respectful man. But based on our conversation I knew something was up. A few messages in, he states that he needs a therapist. Oh boy. I work with enough mental health daily; I don’t need another one. He was hesitant at first, but lets it out.
To sum it up, he’s in love with the “love of his life”, they parted due to a very crucial decision about children, she’s so pissed she moved out, and he feels like he’s dying everyday without her. I know, WTF. There’s more to the story but this sums up the climax of it all.
It was refreshing to listen to a man pour his heart out so openly, but he made me realize I am not ready. Parts of me still need healing. I realized during our conversation that I am really hurt and I have a lot of healing to do before I get involved with someone else. I mean, I knew this for sometime, but sometimes the unexpected leads you to clarity.
On another note, I’m rooting for my new friend and his spouse to make it work, he truly loves her and from the sound of things, she seems like she’s not as done with him as it seems.

I can’t make this shit up.

What have you Conquered today?

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