About last Friday….

Cliché to do the new year / new me post bullshit but there’s no new me. I’m just adding to the manuscript.

It’s almost a week into the new year and beside drinking water like I said I would, I had no problems recently saying how I feel to someone whom maybe I shouldn’t even had given attention to. It felt good though.

Beside my sadden Sunday, I actually enjoy sitting alone at happy hour. It’s better than purchasing my own bottle and drinking my sorrows away, that I don’t believe in, happy hour allows you to drink what you can afford. But I enjoy sitting at the bar reading through archives of my favorite bloggers. Some of you are connecting with me. It’s almost spiritual. It’s also giving me an opportunity to plan out my move, hopefully by the beginning of next year. New city, new “me” (maybe).

I didn’t want to be alone for New Year’s, well since I have never really brought it in by myself anyway, I jumped up and brought it in with my two amazing long time friends at church. Church is always good. What happened after church, well, I didn’t do anything strange for some change. I came in at a reasonable hour. Slightly inebriated. But I was good. And I looked good.

I praise myself about my 43 lbs. I need to tighten up my stomach but I look good. Yes, let me toot my own horn, (toot toot).

It’s been almost a week… What’s “new” ?

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One thought on “About last Friday….

  1. I don't particularly believe in the whole new year, new me thing but I suppose the prospect of a new year brings forth some sort of motivation to make changes, even if they seem insignificant.


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