Weekend Wrap Up

Due to Twitter and Facebook, I am annoyed with what I have been seeing. I decided to go on an Instagram break, which has been happening since November but I should be deleting that soon but I’ll come back in February and then decide after. My weekend consisted of laundry, applying for jobs, and rest. Well needed. I purchased a frame to hang my art work in, check that out on IG, in February.

But to start my rant,
First, the shit written article about Black Girl Magic and publish on ELLE online. Next time that journalist decides to write a piece discussing her views on her own black girl magic and mental health issues, she should put in a disclaimer. Her views are valid because their her own. HOWEVER, you do not stand for every black woman. Black Girl Magic isn’t a slogan made to overly empower the idea of the “strong black woman”, but it was meant to help our girls understand that in the world we live in, you are special, you have magic. When you think you can’t, you will, there are others that you will look too that have made it because they have magic too. We’re magical! However, this is my view on it. Yours may be different, that’s my disclaimer.
My second rant goes to the journalist, whom once again, must utilize her disclaimer rights about Monique Pressley. See here’s the thing, you will not discredit her for being a defense attorney. She isn’t here to defend the victims, and by all means, her job is to utilize the justice system to ensure the rights of her client! I am glad that the victims are free now. They were able to let go of such pain, but I will not let this journalist discredit Monique Pressley. Nah bruh, we don’t know the trials and tribulations she personally has gone through to gain her success before COSBY. He’s his own individual. Now about the rape culture, “we”, as in many Tyler Perry Films, Shonda Rhimes episodes, “us”, in our communities, as BLACKS, think it is TABOO to discuss rape when it happens in our homes, but I’ll wait. Talk up when that shit happens. Share your story. I have read some stories and they weren’t easy ones to digest but they have helped other women.

Lastly, this one is personal. I hate my employer. Well not the agency but the administration that I am operating under. Bad enough that I am in a highly stressful position, but there’s nothing worst than Drama. Un-needed, unnecessary, too fcuking old for this shit, DRAMA. The clients give us enough DRAMA, why personally give more. I am in a place in my life where I seek stability. My career isn’t as stable as I would have hoped for it to be at this age but I need a stable place to grow while I complete my degree. But this isn’t working for me. I am now having to start the applying process again. I applied for a position last night and interviewed today, maybe the DRAMA is pushing me where I need to be.
Anything interested over the weekend?

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