Dedication Mode!!!!!

Just a couple of months ago, I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to make major changes. I had a lot going on with family, friends, my love life, and WORK. I’m naturally a strong person but some days I truly wish that I had someone that could be strong for me. But no one said it would be easy.

Just recently I got the biggest smack in the face that I already knew would happen, but because of my denial I ignored it. I was trying to get back into school to finish my undergrad and with some financial issue, I have to put school on hold again.

The day I  found out that I had to put school off, I came home, made a cup of tea, and cried.
Believe me when I say, I don’t cry, not unless I’m really hurt, and yes this hurt me.
I’ve been planning my life out for the last two years so I can finally have this goal in action. I don’t give up and I won’t but I just wish at times this I could’ve won since I’ve lost many battles lately. All this madness is apart of life and I’ve learned to accept that I will win some and lose some.

Some may not believe in resolutions, but with dedication, its possible.

I have managed to keep two goals this year,
(1) I’ve lost 10 pounds, well over the course of the year, by not eating after 7pm.
(2) Treating myself more, I’ve spent more money on myself then I realized over this year.

But for 2013,
(1) Less planning, more fun. Starting with Vacations. I only went on one successful trip this year. For the new year, I’m gone with the wind.
(2) Instead of complaining, I’m going to work. I will be on full dedication mode for my weight loss challenge. Birth control does not work for me at all, and for every time I take it, my weight skyrockets, and I was forced to take for health reasons. So enough of this shit.
(3) I may start a YouTube channel, I just love it. Its the reason why I’ve been neglecting my blog. I should be ashamed of myself for that but this will change too. Like I said I’m on dedication mode!
(4) I am finally adding some color to my life. I said I was going to cut and color my hair last year but I chickened out because I am afraid my hair will fall out. But I got some inspiration. Pictures coming soon.
(5) Buy the things I say I want on my list. I write a list every 6 months with my wants. I procrastinate on that list because of the prices. LOL nothing is cheap on that list but I’m atleast striving to check off half the list.

This will be a journey worth going on. I hope you’ll ride out with me. Any change for your new year?


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