Just before it starts…

It was an interesting year. I must give myself a pat on the back because I’ve changed a lot. And honestly, I’m scared of change. But going through what I’ve been through this past year, I have learned that change will always come. And starting now…


I have officially colored my hair for the very first time and I am pleased with the results!!! Change isn’t such a bad thing after all. This I needed for the most part. This I must check off on my resolution list! Okay 4 more to go.

Happy New Years my blogger family!



Published by Amanda

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3 thoughts on “Just before it starts…

  1. Happy (extremely belated) New Year! There is something so beautiful about change in the form of self discovery. Hoping that you are still willowing in your new found greatness while you blossom even more into the rose you are destined to become. And beautiful hair by the way ;].



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