Define "HIM"?

Thanks to my job and this scheduling that they have I have the opportunity to be up at 4:30am every morning Monday thru Friday so I can get to work by 6:00 am and I say this very dry by the way -_- … But since I’m usually on the road during my hours I get the opportunity to listen to The Steve Harvey’s Morning show. And for those who actually get to hear it as well, Steve has a dating segment on the show called Locate your Love (which by the way for you Atlanta ladies he sets up alot of  dates out there) and as I happened to turn the radio on during the segment, the guy who was chosen to interview two females asked a very vague but interesting question. But don’t word me on it because it’s been hours since but just to make it simple, “How would you define a good man?”

How would I define a good man? I think personally a good man is one that takes care of his home, works his fingers to the bone to make his family comfortable, a man who is father and not a daddy, and etc… My list can go on because I’ve described my father. We sure didn’t have the best situations but it took him ten years to finally put this kitchen in..
from every tile on that floor to the cabinets on the walls (his construction skills sure did pay off, handy isn’t he), and I’m not saying this because I’m a daddy’s girl but my father’s a good man. But behind every good man there’s a good woman. She could be your mother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter, friend, lover, domestic partnership, just know theres a support system behind every good man.

I’m a single girl so I don’t have a beau or a husband to feel this way about yet.. but I do praise the good men I know or have once dated.
How would you define a good man?

And here Comes November…

Sorry for being so late on this November post but my month of October ran right into November. I was hoping to have a fresh start to my month but as usual something always seems to happen in this field of work. I’m so in need of a spa day or something. Although I’m not on call for my job, I still receive calls on my days off. -_- … But thank you HTC for this phone I have (the mytouch) I get to BLOCK everyone. I know I’m terrible but if you work or have worked in the Mental Health field you’ll understand just what I mean. It’s Super stressful. Everyone smokes except me!

Can’t wait for December! I have a week off and I think Jamaica it is.

Are you making any plans for the upcoming holidays?