As May begins…

I’m sorry again to say the least. I’ve been negligent to my blog. For reasons I couldn’t answer myself. I’ve been having numerous fights with friends and family about my lack of communication, but I really don’t care. It was one of those times when your focused on you. We all need that moment when all of it just doesn’t matter anymore. Right?

My birthday was the 11th of last month and that I didn’t too much care about either, but I’m grateful for life. I went to the city, reserved a table of 20, hung out with some of my unfamiliar friends and smoked hookah. It was an experience that I think is done now. On to the next right?

I have been checking in on all of the blogs I follow from day to day when I’m able to comment I do but believe me I’m reading.

But lets keep it going. I’m back in business!! 


What have you Conquered today?

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