Laser: I paid to remove my flaws

Back in November of last year while scrolling on Facebook, I came across an article of a black owned skin clinic in Harlem. They specialized in laser hair removal, waxing, and skin treatment.  Impressed by the reviews and the story, I never forgot about them, so I kept them close in memory.  I was interested in doing laser hair removal and wanted to be sure about where I would be spending my money since this wasn’t covered by insurance. Continue reading “Laser: I paid to remove my flaws”

Inspiration Maybe?

I left High school in 2007 and found a guy that I’m sure would find a way to become a big part of my life. Back then I was an astonishingly 140 lbs. Yup that is the Truth. No need to lie I have proof. As per my doctor, being in a serious relationship I need to be “SAFE“. So I decided to go on birth control. Well this explains it all. Continue reading “Inspiration Maybe?”