Inspiration Maybe?

I left High school in 2007 and found a guy that I’m sure would find a way to become a big part of my life. Back then I was an astonishingly 140 lbs. Yup that is the Truth. No need to lie I have proof. As per my doctor, being in a serious relationship I need to be “SAFE“. So I decided to go on birth control. Well this explains it all. September that year I started and by November I managed to gain a good 15 lbs. My Aunt always told me to exercise because our family does have big women. But the stubborn girl I was I felt my figure was fine. Before I knew it my 34B turned into DD. Lord. But during this time I had a disappearing period and didn’t know why besides the effect of Birth control. Along with massive weight gain, lets just say concerns about my health = denial. My insecurities were at its highest but I never said a word just kept it in. Every time I got sick I would go to the doctor and get a full reading of my metabolic panel. But after results, my doctor would tell me things were fine. But hopefully every woman knows their body the way I knew something was wrong with mine. Fast forward to 2011, I take a trip to my GYN, who I trust. The man delivered me at birth why wouldn’t I? Any who, After that disgusting and always uncomfortable pap test, he hits me with the truth about all of my body issues for years. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a disease that causes multiple cyst to grow on the ovaries that stop ovulation and making fertility hard and ovarian cancer possible. Along with that, hormone changes like no periods, weight gain, increased appetite, and others; to name a few. But if you want to learn more feel free to visit the link at the bottom. So my doctor said it in a very understanding way, “Its like your pre-menopausal, and I can give you medication to help but this is up to you to lose majority of the weight“. Better said than done. Its September and not to proud to say I have lost 10lbs on and off. This has helped some what because my eating pattern makes no absolute sense, I try not to eat after seven unless I forget to take my medication so I’m forced to eat, like my once significant other would say ” Its ok to “not” eat everything on your plate, even though the children in Africa don’t have much to eat” so I don’t anymore knowing how fortunate I am, and walking more often instead of driving. I share my story because a lot of women suffer but won’t say. This is very personal and I had to share my story. Why? Because I’ve been asked how old my child was? (I HAVE NO CHILDREN), teased about my weight, numerous nicknames given to me by my siblings, and people referring to me as “catching up to my mother”, whom by the way isn’t a hefty woman at all but considering having three children her weight is fine. I don’t care anymore what people think. I’ve been secretly exercising amongst myself and not sharing it with others whom I speak to everyday but they notice some type of change. Be serious about your health and when you feel like something’s wrong make it right. Inspired..

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One thought on “Inspiration Maybe?

  1. Wow…this was written 3 years ago, but definitely something that I can relate to right now! I was also diagnosed with PCOS. At first it was really scary, but sense that diagnostic, I've been eating really well and paying closer attention to my body, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I don't put my faith in medicine though, because I strongly believe, that no matter what condition I'm in, if God sees fit that I have children one day, then I will have children.

    Thanks so much for writing this and keeping it posted, because a lot of women need to hear it, even if they have to dig through archives to find it.

    ♥ C.A.


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