New Years Eve

Last day of the year and I’m humble none the less. I can’t say I have a resolution but I want to change a few things. Just little things to make it clear that I want to have a fresh start.
1. New hair color
2. Shorter hair (maybe)
3. Treating myself more, because I never do.
4. Lose weight for health reasons.
5. Go on 5 different trips.
Simple stuff.
But for my blog. Theres more to come. I started this year and I’ve meet inspirational woman. I love all the blogs I follow.
More to come… Happy and safe new year loves.

Inspiration Maybe?

I left High school in 2007 and found a guy that I’m sure would find a way to become a big part of my life. Back then I was an astonishingly 140 lbs. Yup that is the Truth. No need to lie I have proof. As per my doctor, being in a serious relationship I need to be “SAFE“. So I decided to go on birth control. Well this explains it all. Continue reading “Inspiration Maybe?”