Currently: The WeekEnd

Friday |

My weekend started with happy hour at the local Yard House. I’m addicted to the fish tacos. Met up with my cousin to see how he was doing since his brother’s passing a few months ago. He took it really hard and I try to see him every few weeks but summer hasn’t allowed that. He’s been traveling, and I’ve been working. However, I’m usually his counselor when we meet up and but didn’t expect our conversation to turn into “Amanda, I think I’m inlove, I’m going crazy, I’m not sure what to do because I have trust issues, what do you think?” If only people knew what the hell was happening in my current love life, they wouldn’t ask me shit. The clinical psychologist in me simply suggested, try to be in the relationship and accept her completely, it will not be easy, all relationships are work, but trying never hurts. BUT, if trying isn’t plausible, respect her enough to love her and leave her alone, it’s painful but it’s better that way. After our session, we were able to catch the rainbow pictured above, there’s always something beautiful in the way nature aligns with the universe. “She might be something lucky”, I said as we left the mall.
Saturday |
Watched the Olympics and laid around until the afternoon. The temperature was somewhere in the high 90s and I do not do heat well. If I had not purchased my tickets already, I would be in the same spot, but I couldn’t pass up good company. My friend Korey and I met up for dinner and see the live show for one of our favorite podcasts; The Friend Zone Podcast. 
We ate at Burger and Lobster. The menu is simple, 10-ounce burger with fries and a salad, Lobster roll fries and a salad, or whole lobster with fries and a salad; all for $20 each. We both chose Lobster Rolls. He had a little love thing going on too. So, day two of counseling. This time, he was questioning how great things were going. But simple and modest me, I suggested that he let things be, live in the moment. But once we got to the show, love was in the room, catch the episode on Wednesday, you’ll see what I mean. The last listener question pulled on my heart strings, that’s the compromising person in me.
Sunday |
Was suppose to be my cleaning day. I did get laundry done, but was interrupted by my little sister. DAY 3 of counseling. She halts my day because she recently broke up with her boyfriend and is about to go through the motions. So I sent her a long text message about loving herself. Begging her to learn from the people around her.  I vividly remember walking out of a relationship very similar to the one she was in about 4 to 5 years ago. A lot of work and effort I invested into that relationship to never have any of it reciprocated. But what I learned was that I made choices that I had to forgive myself for and learn from them. I still remind myself that I make choices in my current love life, there’s accountability in my choices.
All this energy, my damn phone will be off by next weekend, lord knows I need a love/counseling break. Although, it’s what I do professionally, I still need a break.

How was your weekend?


My weekend was jam packed in the city. Sorry but I didn’t take pictures. I know, silly me. I needed the distraction because I know that these current days ahead will be an adjusting period for me. I am currently teaching myself to do something I do not want to do, but probably needs to. Whatever that meant, I am working on it, in simpler terms.
Friday, I went to a local bar with two of my friends that I rarely see due to life, but we always check in. The past year has been life altering for all of us. Careers, moves, and all the in-betweens. It was good catching up with them.
Saturday, an impromptu trip to the Lower East Side with my cousins turned into dinner and being in a completely different environment that opened my eyes. I was in a spot that you could get drugs from. Yeah, that type of shit. Nah, I am not about that life, and it was a random pop in as to why we were even there. Won’t be doing that again.
Sunday, I invited a friend to a poetry show. We got to see the legendary Jasmine Mans. If you don’t know who she is, I told you here first. Anyone out in DC, she’ll be doing a show on 7/17 at Bus Boys and Poets. Check it out. However, back to my night. I was around my people. A room full of melanin. Y’all just don’t know how I feel when I am in that type of environment. Exhilarating to say the least. Everyone was affected by last weeks’ tragedies. Every poet performed their pain so passionately that you felt it in your heart. We’re all suffering. Glad I was there.
Quickly, since I’ve been following her for some years now, I seen this quote a long time ago from Jasmine Mans and today it hit home (photo above, don’t mind my hand writing its actually neater, and also, how perfect, my silhouette). We shouldn’t forget ourselves. Always remember we come first. A few people in my world have shown this to me, it’s not the material things, or other people, loving yourself is the ultimate goal. So the next time some ask you, what do you love, remember to say yourself.

Count down till the weekend, 4 more days…. How was your weekend?

Currently: Sunday

Last week I finished spring semester. After my last final, I couldn’t resist the urge to run. Usually I’ll jog in the morning, but it was after 8:00 pm and I needed to run. Headphones, joggers, Lemonade, and I took off. After that jog, I think it was the best sleep I had in weeks. After that jog and reading a few blogs later on in the week, I started feeling the motivation again. Its the only thing that clears the mind for me, besides prayer. Lately, a lot has been on the mind, and I’ve been trying to come to terms with all of it, so the best way to assist was jog.  
Today, I decided to do something familiar yet unfamiliar to get out of my comfort zone, so I went jogging by the West Side of Manhattan. I use to work on the Upper West Side and during my commute I would always enjoy the beautiful scenery. I got ready, made a cup of tea, jumped in my car, turn on some slow jams, and drove to the West Side.

I started my jog right off of Riverside Drive and West 158th Street. In the photos above, you catch a view of the George Washington Bridge, You over look New Jersey ( I think the area they call West New York), and the last photo not a great one but a view of the New York City skyline. 

I jogged to RiverBank Park on West 145th street. Which is another quarter mile to actually get into the park, and the photos below were taken when I was in the park. I didn’t know Sofrito’s restaurant was actually in the park, the last time I went to an event at this place it wasn’t Sofrito’s. But now that I know, I have another place to go. The other photos are of the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey from the park. These photos don’t do it justice. It’s a gorgeous view.
Right before I ended up at Panera Bread for breakfast, I picked up some flowers from my favorite spot on the Upper West Side, said hello to my old co-workers, and headed to HomeGoods to buy a vase. It was a day well spent. 
It’s another beginning to a new week, I have spent enough money over the weekend treating myself to dinner and buying small things. I’m praying that this upcoming week is smooth. Last week was much  better than the one before, so I’m praying for the best. If my body permits, I’ll get up and do a quick jog in the morning. Not sure if it will because I have been waking up at 3-3:30 AM every morning for the last month. I just want to sleep. I’m feeling a bit drained at the moment. So we’ll see. 
How was you weekend?