Like Disa, I have nothing to share. Not much happening over here.

Well, I bought a desk and it has become the hallmark of my entire day. I spend over 12 hours here.

I’ve switched up my routine by not getting out the bed until 8:30am, to start work at 9:00am, but I clock in at 7:55am to start for 8:00am (lol my supervisor would scream). The joys of working from home I guess.

The only boundary I’ve set is having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the kitchen table (somedays sitting on the sofa).

It feels as if I don’t have enough time in my day to take a moment. Which will lead me to my next post. I’m gathering my thoughts and summarizing what 2020 has been for me. It’s the last month, so time to reflect.

Rummaging through more thoughts and this transformative space in my life, I have something to get off my chest at the beginning of the new year – processing.

I’m preparing for the holiday without my family again – I’m use to it but this year feels different.

Oh yeah, my sister got engaged and it went viral.

That’s all I got for now, how’s everyone doing?

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3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Congrats to your sister!! her ring is beautiful. i, too, feel like i never have enough time in the day to just take a moment to myself, but then i remember that i have to TAKE it – it won’t just present it self, ya know? cheers to more reflection. ❤️


  2. That’s how I am with our dining room table – I wfh there, read books, eat dinner, etc. I have to remind myself that we have a desk but for some reason, the dining room table keeps calling me lol . And congrats to your sister! Celebrating love has been one of the few real joys to partake in this year so that is sooooo exciting!


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