One Year Later + : M E X I C O

Sometime in February of 2019 I was determined to take a solo trip for #YEAR30. I’ve taken solo trips before but not a full-on international solo trip (Ghana was solo half the time – a LEARNING moment). On the phone with a friend deciding on all the locations in my head, we settled on Cozumel, Mexico. I looked for all types of luxury hotels and settled on an all-inclusive adult only resort because I guess I’m grown. I ate nothing but seafood, drank mostly mojitos, had breakfast by my walk-up swimming pool, met some folk from Idaho – had shots, and joined a foam party. Scammed the vacation club into believing I was going to join to take home a bottle of tequila that’s next to my refrigerator half drank by all the company I’ve had in a year.


I’ll see M E X I C O again, one day.

Published by Amanda

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