I know, I’ll fix the wires eventually.

I’ve tried to read, write, and sleep a little longer in the mornings but my body is racing with my mind. I have time to sit still and think. Rummaging through my budget and calendar to see where I am with my plans but in times of uncertainty, there are no plans. I giggled to myself last night when I turned my wall calendar to reflect that May is here. Oh, the places I should’ve been, but God knows better. Over the last month, I kept catching 11:11, both morning and night. I was wishing for something until I realized I might have wished for the wrong thing or should wish for nothing at all. It’s something about the universe or my spirit, reminding me that I am being noticed and aligned with whatever is supposed to happen next. Sitting Still.

Happy May! Be safe.

Author: Amanda

She Came | She Saw | She Conqured

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