Monday Musing



My hips are killing me. I’ve been sitting between the sofa and my dining table to do work or all the other things that require my eyes on the computer screen. I decided to reorganize (clean up) my apartment and later took a long afternoon stroll. After I snapped this self-portrait, I came across this stairway in the neighborhood. The Bronx is known for its hills and stairways but isn’t comparable to the stairways in the Riverdale section of The Bronx.


Reminiscent of my childhood is the Mister Softee ice cream truck. I have no business having ice cream due to lactose intolerance, but I wasn’t going to miss this for the world.




Temperatures were in the 70s. Everybody, and I mean everybody went outside, including my family! I bought my bike off craigslist last year for $50 and made a habit to get on anytime the weather permit. It inspired my sister to buy a bike, then my father found one, and shortly after my mother bought one. Little did I know, my mother hadn’t rode a bike in 20+ years. So, instead of riding through the neighborhood streets, we loaded my dad’s pick up and headed to the park. Being in New York is interesting. Our Governor is very unapologetic and I think this was the weekend he and many other medical professionals feared. He’s been very clear about not opening up anything until we follow the rules since the death toll number aren’t falling much. The mask rule and social distancing isn’t practiced as suggested. BUT, I’m not playing with the reaper. 


There’s so many things hiding in our backyards and I guess I took a liking to stairways while exploring mine. A little Monday Musing.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Ayyyyy Riverdale! When I based in New York (goodness it’s been 7 years since I moved to VA), I lived in Mount Vernon. And so fun that the whole fam got bikes! I’m not a frequent bike rider but I’ll cycle around every once in a while. Gotta enjoy this non-humid weather while it lasts.


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