one month of isolation


Today is day 31 of “self-isolation”. To maintain my sanity while working from home, I started with running and then riding my bike on weekends when visiting my parents. I know I was supposed to stay away but we just aren’t that type of family, it’s too hard.

After about two weeks in, I started to experience flu-like symptoms. I usually would do “sick” alone, but I called my parents before my sister to inform them what was happening. Four days of fever, headaches, throbbing eyes, facial pressure, loss of appetite, and extreme body aches – the most I could do for work was clock in and out. My parents bought me food, medication, and called every morning between 8:00 & 10:00 am to check if I’m alive. It was interesting to watch my mother become my mommy again. Around day seven, I told them I’ll be going to the hospital because shortness of breath starting to develop. My mother immediately goes into panic mode and calls my sister to see if she could convince me differently, fearing that I may not have contracted the virus and could subject myself to contracting the virus if I go to the ER. I get it, NYC is the epicenter. My parents keep forgetting that I’m the rebel of us three, but it worked. I took myself to urgent care. Was never tested and sent home to survive it out.

I made it to YEAR 31. Finally, well enough and isolated long enough for any contagions to die. I hung out with the family for the day. I drank an entire bottle of Moscato, ate my favorite fried shrimp, and went back home to my normal life. I checked social media and thanked those you remembered my birthday. But I was trying to shake the inevitable. My feelings. I was doing so well and then I was reminded that here I am, another year, here, questioning, answering, waiting, praying, and uncertain. Truth is we all are. Maybe things will become clearer soon.

I took along walk to the post office and was stopped in my tracks when I saw these cherry blossoms. A reminder that life is beautiful and will blossom when the timing is right. In the last 31 days I’ve learned that community is everything, loving someone never stops, and you’re never truly alone.

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7 thoughts on “one month of isolation

  1. oh my goodness. I’m soooooo glad you’re feeling better and got through the worst parts of it.! Charles’s cousin just recently got out of ICU after getting the coronavirus (he was in there for 9 days) and one of my students believes she got it too even though the hospital sent her back home, similar to your situation. Family/community really is EVERYTHING. Despite the social distancing, I feel like my family and friends have gotten even closer and our communication skills and support for each other has improved and strengthened even more because of this pandemic. xoxo


  2. I’m already kinda going a little stir crazy myself but I think I need to walk more just to get out because I literally just go to work and come home and forgot that outside time is needed and still can be achieved with social distancing.


  3. I SO glad that you’re feeling a bit better. I can definitely understand your parents’ concerns. My son exhibited the same symptoms and when I called urgent care, they advised that it would be safer for me to stay with him at home. So we did that. I didn’t sleep for two days and then he finally started to feel better. Then the swollen red eyes came and went.. and then the lesions on his feet. I almost made a life decision to go to medical school, but then I couldn’t imagine doing this type of work — I’m way too emotional.

    I hope you continue to feel better and stay safe. I know this isn’t the ideal start to 31, but it’s a blessing that you’re still here and that we still have you. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Keep searching for the joy. Always find the joy in everything. ❤


  4. I am so, so glad those symptoms passed and you’re much better now – whew! Awww, it is nice to be babied by your mom every once in a while; I secretly love it when my mom looks after me. Family and community is everything, you’re right about that. 🙂


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