So, what’s next?

6FE0EAD5-987E-417B-87B7-02A983C7E62AI just read a tweet that said, “Overthinking can lead to dying sooner”. This doesn’t help me at all. But here I am, minutes to 11:00 pm EST, at my home desk, only home for about 15 minutes, and I can’t stop thinking.

My mentor in my head tweeted (maybe I should get off twitter) “2 months from the next decade, what are you going to be intentional about in this new decade?” I can’t help but be stuck in my racing thoughts because it’s the thing that I’ve been trying to pull together for months. I’ve made some pivotal changes that I’m questioning my decisions a little. Well truth is, the later decision has my neck HOT (the thing that happens when stress storms my body).

I guess I’m typing this as a reminder to ask myself this question until I’ve finally come up with a reasonable quest to conquer. So, what’s next?

Have you figure out what you’ll be intentional about in the new decade? What’s next?

2 thoughts on “So, what’s next?”

  1. Be glad that you had the courage to make those decisions you made and did it. If it didn’t turn out to be “right”, you can stop. If it is right, you keep doing it. Either way, regardless of what the outcome is, one thing for sure is you will not live with regret wondering “what if I have done this…” for the rest of your life.


What have you Conquered today?

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