All at ONCE

021090B0-5823-4A0B-8143-B0DFA3A7380B_1_201_aI don’t remember the name of the hotel in DC but back in June of 2019, I was having breakfast (some bad oatmeal) on the patio, listening to a podcast. She talked about her desire to move to the city she’s in now after moving back in with her parent’s post-divorce. What I remember distinctly about the podcast was that her father was telling her that she better be ready for it when it comes, because it will all come at once. So, BOOM! Here I am, at 10:05 PM, dying to sleep but my mind in running, rolling, jumping, jogging, and swimming through thoughts of everything that is happening now, all at ONCE.

I’ve been trying to write something here in my special place on the internet but been drawing a blank, Nah I just could not figure out how to put in words what the hell has been happening. I’ve made almost 5 life-altering decisions in the last 6 months:

  1. Quit Grad School
  2. Decide to find a new job
  3. Move to a new city
  4. Get into a relationship
  5. Took full head dive into my finances – may I one day get to the place when I stop drowning.

About school….

It just didn’t feel right. Did I regret the decision, yes and no? Yes, I could’ve stayed in school and transferred, and no because I plan on going to school. I had set forth a plan years ago that would land me closer to becoming more hands-on with policy review and writing, with a similar route, so I decided to go to school in another city.

New Job/New City….

I’ve been interviewing a few times a month since September. I just knew I didn’t want to do another full year in my 30s in “New York OVERPRICED City” (wait until I tell you where I’m going – I’ve given away more than enough hints on IG). It’s just time. I ready to take the LEAP, RISK, DIVE into making sure this happens in 2020.


I’ve written things about this relationship in this special place on the internet for years now. No keywords, no names, just whatever the hell I was feeling- when I was feeling it – when I was figuring out what the hell we were doing. We decided it’s time to do LIFE together. Cause what we were doing, was not making sense anymore. You got me and I got you babyyyyyyyy. I’m sure I’ll write a “dedicated to the one I love” blog post before the year ends because timing is EVERYTHING. I LOVE that man y’all. Cues: “He’s a good man Savannah!”


Could I avoid this topic? So, my partner tells me that I express myself in writing more than expressing emotionally or verbally. I feel some type of way/unlearning, but he’s right. I jumped out of my sleep to write this so obviously, I needed to find a way to get this off without talking about it. I don’t want to speak to him tonight about it or my friends for that matter, but money talk makes me sad, angry, shut down, disoriented, deflated, agitated, [insert whatever else sounds bad here]. I have some debt that I decided it’s time to finally deal with. Called up LAWYERS (This is not a game), discussed with my partner about the numbers, and in my head been crunching a timeline to get out of this mess. I have lots of money related trauma that has affected my views on marriage, family, homeownership, children, welp; LIFE. But I’m working on it.

However, I prayed for somethings and so it happens to come all at once and because of this I’m excited, anxious, moody, slightly in shut down, and I’m trying to release the frustrations before thoughts/things/happens eats me alive. Shout out to my partner – I don’t deserve him, he puts up with a lot, he’s strong when I am weak, leads, he’s the game-changer, and I just HOPE I’m giving back the same as I receive. But that’s a simple recap and what’s to come in the new year. Follow me on IG to catch me in my new city next week.

Happy New Year.

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6 thoughts on “All at ONCE

  1. I dropped out of school myself this semester and now I’m just trying to find something to do with this extra time that I have. I’m praying for a new job and a new city to live in. I’m so happy you found someone you can do life with together.


  2. Soooo true – life most definitely does happen at once. Looking forward to seeing where you’re going next cause, while I know it may be stressful now while you’re in the middle of this transition, it sounds like you are making moves that will benefit you in the long run. And what a blessing to have a partner in life for support. Sending positive and restorative energy your way mama! xo


    1. Setarra! Long time no see! Glad you’re well. Thank you for all the energy, it’s always appreciated! It’s a very tiring process but I know that this is necessary for the plans that I have moving forward! And yes, this partnership is a blessing!


  3. I took a leave of absence from school recently myself to get my thoughts in order. I think sometimes that’s what we need when we just have too much going on or a lot on our minds. I hope that you can tackle your finances accordingly but you seem to be very well put together so there is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to handle your debt head on. I’ll tell you one thing, for me, student loans can be a drag. I’m just starting to get that in order so that I can do a bunch of other things. I remember feeling pressured about having to achieve certain things, so I would rush into goals, not giving them much thought or careful planning because I’ve always felt that I was running out of time. But nowadays, I take full advantage of taking things one step at a time. I’m still able to accomplish things in a timely manner, but with a clear head.


    1. YES! taking things one step at a time. I was hoping that 2019 was going to be that type of year but it seems like 2020 will be a one day at a time thing so far. Hmmm I wish I was together but I really need counsel on my financial woes and since then I’ve been really trying to figure out what exactly to do with my funds for year 2021, hopefully I can invest some money.


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