My landlord finally turned on the heat

IMG_2068Coming to you live from New York City, it’s me, Amanda (insert boring emoji here).

It’s already October! Which means, the “other love of my life” is in 3-K (doing very well), also he can’t make up his mind about who he wants to be for Halloween, my weekends are spent actually watching Netflix (Narcotics related), I recently attended my last wedding for the year (I’m hopeful), and I’m working on my next long-term goal.

I ditched my therapist (I’ll explain in another post maybe) which makes this Venus retrograde almost true. Hopefully no one is brave enough to trigger me, because I’ve been good. Very content these days.

I’m ready to do a protective style in my hair but it’s silk press season (hard decision to make). Also, if I can get my mind around the cost, I’ll be wavy for a few weeks.

Tonight’s low is 56 degrees and my landlord finally turned on the damn heat. Which means, I need a damn humidifier!

Back to this retrograde, as far my personal life goes, it’s alright nothing much is going on. BUT, work, I have the I’m ready to move to another department jitters, also want something new I guess. Relationship, I’m dating (insert hands in the hair emoji). Ready for the shit to be over I guess.

I definitely went to the gym most of September, but have I been since October?

This weekend I’ll be finishing up some overdue WORK, rest, relaxation, and napping.

How’s your October treating you?

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