IMG_9926Yesterday while walking home I had the sudden urge to write about happiness. The man that sits by the Open Kitchen restaurant on Williams street smiles and says good night to EVERYBODY black. I’m not sure if he’s homeless or if he just hangs out there. I told myself that I’m going to ask him what the secret is because he seems very happy. I ignored my intuition about writing this because of processing, but my friend sent me a TEDx Bloomington talk this morning because most people know I enjoy a good Ted Talk.

Unfortunately, I was immediately triggered. Why? Because Indiana and I have a LOVE/HATE relationship and the last time I was in Bloomington, I was very happy, best trip we’d ever had and the last one that reminded me of what that love felt like. I laughed and giggled while watching the Ted Talk but, on my heart, I want to figure out how to get back to happy, well really happy. There’s not much to fume over currently and there are people and things that I am happy with/about, but the challenge is being consistently happy.

What are ways you keep your “happy” consistent?



Yup, the secret trips – Love will make you do crazy things, it was 10 degrees!

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One thought on “Bloomington

  1. So there’s this line in the Sex and the City Movie after Samantha asks Charlotte how happy she is in her relationship. Her answer? “Every day. Not *all day* every day, but every day.”

    I think there is such truth in that statement. We don’t need to be happy all the time, every minute of every day, but if we can find moments of happiness in each day, we can definitely consider ourselves happy every day. Many times we’re aspiring to unreal expectations of happiness. It’s not always a river; it doesn’t just keep flowing. We just have to make the most of those small creeks and streams, and spend time in those ponds and lakes of happiness as we stumble across them, gathering enough to tide us over the dry patches.

    Thanks for sharing this post! ❤️

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