So, I may had lied about August.

IMG_1821I’m pleased to say that things weren’t as dramatic for me this month but if you ask the heart I broke, welp, something “bad” did happen. To clear this up a little, I’m still healing, learning/unlearning, and deciding to choose myself.

Let’s talk about September.

Goals of the month

  • Choose a master’s program, plan, submit an application, and get ready for the bullsh——
  • 30 days on the bike at the gym. I don’t believe this, but I have no choice because I’m not as tempted to swipe 10k off one of my credit cards for a new wardrobe. So, I need to lose the weight to fit in the clothes I have.
  • Re-evaluate my savings goals because apparently, I’m an adult.

Of other things, when I put my little heart into something I usually manifest it. However, I realized that something has finally changed in me in regard to executing certain goals. And what is it? Well I no longer want to do things alone – this too – I’ll elaborate on in another post. I am excited and looking forward to being in a routine coming in the next few weeks, and my last trip (I think) of the year to Atlanta next weekend. I’m looking forward to the cooler nights and end of year revelations because I have some shit to do again.

Anyhow, what do you have planned for September?

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2 thoughts on “So, I may had lied about August.

  1. I absouletly feel like I haven’t done anything in August only buy work and go to class since the semester started back. But I do want to get back on the healthy bench becasue I fell off hard lol and there is no excuse for it just need to be more strict with myself and oh yea savings and paying off most of my debt or have a plan set in place is my goal for this month.


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