Manhattan Bound 2 Train

I had recently become accustomed to using my beats solo wireless headphones and since Friday, only one earphone works. So today I choose to listen to all the side conversations, the sound of the air conditioner, the conductor’s random announcements and the moving train on my commute home today. Which brings me to the notes section of my iPhone to jot down my thoughts and brings me here, to my little ol’ blog. 
I have so much to say but not sure how to get all my thoughts together. Because as I sit typing this I notice a gentleman watching 50 shades of something on his phone, and just like that, I’m distracted. But I digress. I’m proud to say that outside of procrastination and utter laziness to stick to my weight loss goals, I’ve read four books this summer. Currently finishing the fourth and excited about starting the fifth one hopefully on my trip this weekend to Dallas.

I started writing two or three other post that are sensitive and matters of the heart but I’m working on sharing more. This some real shit because I don’t think I’ve been as aware as I am currently in my life. Slowly but surely returning to my blog. I’m not sure what I fear so much about sharing parts of me since this is a personal blog, but I feel the need to say more. Are you struggling with the same issues?

Anyhow, I have a huge obligation that I promised myself would be done by the 31st of August, but distractions once again. I hope August is going well for everyone, it’s still going good for me.


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